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Edibles vs. Smoking Cannabis

While smoking is the most popular way to consume cannabis, recent legalization and decriminalization of the plant in states throughout the U.S. have caused an influx of cannabis-infused products that consumers can eat and drink. 

Cannabis Use for Stressed Parents

Today’s parents know just how stressful it is to raise kids. You’re often handling work, multiple schedules, and trying to monitor your children’s social media accounts and online activity all at the same time. With all this anxiety, parents often …

SFV OG Wins Recognition at Emerald Cup for House of Kush

Born from the green majesty and mystery of Northern California’s Emerald Triangle and its rich cannabis legacy, the Emerald Cup Awards (often thought of as the Oscars of California cannabis) are a celebration of cannabis, from seed to shelf. After …

First Time Use

Consuming cannabis for the first time can be overwhelming. With so many ways to use it, so many types, and so many messages from the media, it is easy to avoid the plant altogether. While some people choose to not …

What are Terpenes and How Do They Affect Us?

Terpenes are one of the many compounds found in cannabis. Knowing what they do and how they affect your body can improve your experience with cannabis.


SFV OG is a vibrant, lemony strain that feels even more uplifting than it smells. It is an ideal choice for anyone who wants to kick back, unwind, and have a good time, which makes it also preferable amongst those with clinical mood disorders and depression. 

The National Movement to Normalize Cannabis

In the 1960’s, it was believed that only criminals, bohemians and outsiders used cannabis. But today, the plant is being widely used by athletes, educators, lawyers, doctors, and everyone in between.

Kendall Gammon

Cannabis was more than just “a little” stigmatizing among professional athletes. Fortunately, times have changed. Drastically changed to be clear. Today a huge number of current and former pro athletes are testifying to the healing power of cannabis.

Cannabis for Athletic Recovery

While cannabis has certainly earned a reputation for itself over the years, you probably already know by now that this herb is healthy, too. Cannabis for athletic recovery can be the perfect complement to your active lifestyle. From reducing stress, to improving sleep habits, cannabis can enhance and rebuild us in more ways than one.

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