The Legend Lives On

The Basics

SFV OG is a vibrant, lemony strain that feels even more uplifting than it smells. It is an ideal choice for anyone who wants to kick back, unwind, and have a good time, which makes it also preferable amongst those with clinical mood disorders and depression. 

Indica or Sativa?

SFV OG is one of the more Indica-dominant OG strains, coming in at 70% Indica and 30% Sativa. Its name comes from its origins in the San Fernando Valley where it was first bred by master growers at Cali Connection Farms.   

Other breeders have since created spin-off strains like Ghost Train Haze and Tahoe OG. 

Smell and Taste

How does SFV OG smell? Let’s put it this way: if you like walking through pine forests that also happen to feature orange groves, this strain will probably feel like you’re in aromatic heaven. 

Like most other OG strains, SFV OG features initial piney notes that are followed up by a delicious citrus aftertaste. SFV isn’t quite as earthy as older OG strains, yet it also isn’t quite as sour as newer OG varieties. You might say it strikes the perfect balance. 

You can also expect to taste plenty of lemon and lemongrass notes, especially if you’re smoking a SFV OG joint. These flavors will intermingle and tantalize your taste bud long after your smoke sesh is over. And if you want a mellower flavor experience, no worries — just put your SFG in a handheld or tabletop vaporizer.  


By visuals, we don’t mean that SFG OG will make you hallucinate. (Sorry, it’s not quite that strong.) We’re referring to its visual appearance!

SFV OG has that classic round, dense OG structure. Its nugs have small pistils and a pleasantly varied dark green color. 

How much THC does it have?

SFV OG’s THC content varies from 21-27%. 

How much CBD does it have?

SFV OG contains more CBD than most other OG strains. It may be up to 1% CBD, giving it a THC:CBD ratio of 20-25:1

What you can Expect

Looking to get a lot of work done later today? If so, San Fernando Valley OG might not be right for you. Its Indica-leaning nature means it’s pretty sedating! Many users report couch-lock and giggly euphoria — not quite the right vibes for maximum productivity. 

But if you’re looking to kick back, destress, and fully unwind, then SFV OG is likely to be a perfect choice. It’s known to inspire creativity and artistic expression, too. So feel free to let your inner musician come out! 

Many users love its ability to reduce chronic pain and quench inflammation. Many find SFV OG to be a powerful anti-anxiety, too. 

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