The Cooper Co-Operative

<strong>The Cooper Co-Operative</strong>

Braindon Cooper, also known as Mr Cooper, is an entrepreneur who is the founder of Signature Seriez Entertainment Inc. and co-owner of Signature Seriez Network, an entertainment and streaming service. 

Mr Cooper has joined forces with House of Kush (HoK) as a brand ambassador and collaborator. 

HoK is a cannabis company that aims to unite people through legendary genetic strains such as Bubba Kush OG and SFV OG, while helping underserved communities and advocating for social equity.

Mr Cooper spoke on his story, passion for cannabis, and what the future holds for this booming industry.

House of Kush: When did you first discover and start using cannabis products?

Braindon Cooper: I’d say I was a late bloomer. Around the age of 25 was when I discovered cannabis and haven’t looked back since.

HoK: What does cannabis mean to you?

BC: For me, Cannabis is God’s medicine that’ll create generational wealth with the capability to sustain society. Then again that’s just how I see it.

HoK: When did you start getting into the cannabis industry?

BC: I’ve been actively studying the cannabis industry for a little over a decade but HoK is my official introduction to the industry. I plan on taking full advantage of every opportunity to create, as I said before, Generational Wealth.

HoK: What do you believe the benefits of cannabis are?

BC: There are so many benefits, especially medically. I personally believe it’s better to use cannabis than to take any man-made prescription pill, but that’s a topic for another time.

HoK: Why did you choose to partner with House of Kush? 

BC: I chose to look for the right company that could help me establish myself in the cannabis industry through not only having superior products and business structure to ensure success, but a company that I could grow with and House of Kush is that company.

HoK: What is your favorite part of your job/the cannabis industry?

BC: I love being the connector, just being able to bring the right people together is truly my favorite part of what I do.

HoK: Tell us about the Signature Seriez product line with HoK.

BC: I don’t want to give too much away as of yet but I’m extremely excited about the new Signature Seriez product line. What I will say is that, first, we will be focused on our CBD products.

HoK: What do you see for the future of cannabis and HoK?

BC: In my opinion the future of cannabis is HoK. You have to have name recognition and a superior product in order to be a force in this industry. Once you put both of those elements together you bring them to the House of Kush. That’s the formula of how it’s going to be. In the future, cannabis brands will want to actively partner with House of Kush.

HoK: What are some important values that a brand in the cannabis industry should have?

BC: Integrity and honesty when it comes to your product and how you conduct business. There’s so much more but that’s what I look for.

HoK: What is your favorite product from HoK?

BC: The Blackberry Gummies hands down.

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