Kendall Gammon

Cannabis was more than just “a little” stigmatizing among professional athletes.

Fortunately, times have changed. Drastically changed to be clear. Today a huge number of current and former pro athletes are testifying to the healing power of cannabis.

The more physically challenging a sport is, the more popular cannabis seems to become among its athletes. That’s why there is no surprise so many professional football players are flocking to it

Case in point: Kendall Gammon. Kendall enjoyed a 15-year career in the NFL, spanning three pro-teams and one Super Bowl. In 2004 he made history as the first long snapper to be selected to the Pro-Bowl.

Kendall Gammon Portrait Studio Football

The records continued after Kendall’s retirement from football. He was the first NFL player to appear on Jim Cramer’s Mad Money (2006). 

Today, Kendall spends his time as an author, sports commentator, motivational speaker, and cannabis investor, House of Kush being one of them. You might say he’s helping make our mission possible! Along with the rest of our team, Kendall believes in cannabis’s ability to promote wellness, community, and camaraderie. 

Kendall is known to be a fan of both THC and CBD, having started taking CBD products in hopes of feeling better. He soon realized that these non-psychotropic products could also ease the joint pain he developed during his football career. 

“Ultimately, you have nothing to lose [from trying CBD],” he told Kannaway, a major CBD company, in 2020. “This is a safe product which is gaining more and more traction for all the positive qualities it has.”

How do CBD and THC help athletes? The research is finally beginning to confirm what Kendall and thousands of other elite athletes have experienced firsthand. Studies show that both CBD and THC may reduce inflammation, improve circulation, and positively regulate stress hormone levels. All of these things allow cannabis to drastically speed up recovery from hard workouts.

What explains cannabis’s ability to help with sleep, you might ask? That’s another good question.  It appears that cannabis might be able to help your body’s circadian rhythm — basically, its built-in clock — stay on track. And that means you’ll be able to stay wakeful during the day and stay asleep at night. CBD plays a role in this, too. [1]  

If you’re ready to experience the same benefits as Kendall, we’ve got good news: it’s as easy as trying out a premium cannabis strain. Take a strain with more THC if you’re seeking upliftment; take a strain with more CBD if you’re hoping for maximum therapeutic effects. 

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