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Social Equity

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When cannabis legalization was originally passed in various states, our politicians claimed that the cannabis industry would be a shining light on a hill for diversity. They vowed it would create incredible economic opportunity for the poor, largely Black and brown people in our communities.

While there is decent representation amongst the workers, there has been a dramatic/significant decrease in diversity at the executive level in the past 2 years.


We believe the best way to create lasting wealth generation is through banking, micro-loans, social ventures, and entrepreneurial training programs.



Our first effort was sponsoring The Blues Brothers concert in conjunction with MJ Unpacked in Las Vegas on October 21st. That concert raised money for The Last Prisoner Project, an organization that fights criminal injustice while reimagining drug policy. 

Our second major program will be an HBCU (Historically Black Colleges & Universities) tour with a unique twist. We will bring a variety of professional athletes and other influencers to deliver motivational talks on each campus. In addition, each talk will be followed up by a business accelerator. We will ask the students to come up with business ideas that will help solve community issues and stimulate job creation. We will provide funding, mentorship, and guidance over the course of one full year as we help them launch businesses that create real economic impact in their communities.

If you are interested in being a sponsor, presenter, or mentor, please contact us here

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