Reggie Harris started his career after obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from
the University of Missouri-Kansas City as part of the entrepreneurial consulting groups
of Arthur Andersen and then Ernst & Young. Since transitioning to the Sports &
Entertainment Field over 20 years ago he has had the opportunity to work with a
number of personalities/brands including multiple super bowl champions, pro bowlers
and pro football hall of famers assisting them in building their brands and businesses off
the field. Keys to success over the years has come from leveraging his financial
background to assist in finding ways to attract funding and protecting investor value of
organizations. Launching organizations included assuming the role of general manager
in the expansion years of three different professional sports franchises. Reggie’s
expertise has been to focus on helping brands monetize and build successful
businesses around them. Bubba Kush Brand, led by Founder Matt ‘Bubba’ Berger,
brought Reggie in to fill the role of CEO and help guide the brand’s new product launch.
The industry of CBD and Cannabis is experiencing significant entrepreneurial growth
and is in need of creative ways to build brands with loyal followings. Reggie founded BK
Brand Wellness to assist in doing just that for the brand Bubba Kush.