Frank’s involvement in the Cannabis industry started in 2009 with the ownership and successful sale of one of the first marijuana edibles company in the legal market, Wild Flour Baking CO. Shortly after the sale of WFB, Frank shifted focus to distribution and development of new brands in the Colorado market. The impressive portfolio of Infused-product brands he introduced and into the market include: Edipure, EyeChronic, ExtractionTek, CRREO bags, Kush Bottles, ApotheCanna, PharmPods, Organa Brands (Medi-Vape), Atmos, Chebba Chews, and Americanna/Cannamerica.
In addition to the impressive list of brands he helps introduced into the market, he both founded and/or co-founded Wild Flour Edibles, Dank Bottles (now Kush Bottles), Denver Consulting Group, Cannascore, and most recently Americanna (now Cannamerica). 
As an active and founding member of the Colorado Cannabis community, Frank has an open line of communication with the decision making body in Colorado.  Frank’s expertise and knowledge in the Cannabis industry make him a driving force in the progression of the industry.